Hengameh Abraham

Your Choice for the Eastside

As a wife and mother of two small children, our family is proud to call Eastside Costa Mesa our home.

Safety and economic well-being are top priorities for all of our families. 

As a certified wellness coach, with a degree in Health Sciences from Cal State Fullerton, I have a lifelong commitment to health advocacy.  I am also a small business owner and know the economic challenges you are facing as we are facing them as well. I will work to support small businesses and our local economy through economic rebuilding. 

We can do this safely and in a smart manner. 


As a business woman running in support of all small businesses in Costa Mesa, I will address:

•    Public Safety by Supporting our Police Officers and First Responders. •    Fiscal Responsibility & Balanced Budget.
•    Practical Solutions to Homelessness & Sober Living Issues.
•    City Council Staff Reform
•    Bringing Absolute Transparency through Honest Communication with all Costa Mesans.


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Please contact Hengameh with your questions, comments, or concerns.

(949) 294-2584


(949) 294-2584

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